From the Beginning

Lee Mayne Images has evolved as a result of my  lifelong passion for both horses and fine art and design. From a young age, I was completely "horse mad" and wanted nothing more than a horse of my own.  I was lucky to have an incredibly supportive family who fostered my interest in equine pursuits, allowing me to chase my dreams in the hunter and jumper rings.

While still in school, I discovered I loved art and invariably, my subject was always horses. This took a somewhat interesting turn, when my high school art teacher forbade me from doing any more "horse stuff", prompting my withdrawl from all formalized artistic study and leading me to a self directed discovery of my own creative vision and style.

Gaining Attention
My work is an expression of of equine movement, mood and form presented in a contemporary aesthetic. Each work becomes a study of the character, personality and essence of a particular subject, whether they be real horses or imagined. 

I have always found my greatest inspiration in the works of modern, contemporary artists such as Miro, Rodin, Turner, Degas and Matisse.